VOYA skincare launches at Marigot Bay Spa Village, Saint Lucia

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Even though Christmas is around the corner, with the recent onslaught of wet weather this week we are craving sunshine and in particular, hot Caribbean sunshine.

The sun definitely takes its toll on the skin however, so we were excited to hear about the new range of signature treatments from award-winning spa brand, VOYA, which are now on offer at Marigot Bay’s Spa Village on the tropical island of St Lucia.

Founded by a husband and wife team a little closer to home, in County Sligo, Ireland, the wholly organic skincare line, VOYA, utilises wild, sustainable seaweed in a range of face and body treatments and remedies that harness the restorative powers of the sea.

The strong connection with the healing traditions of indigenous seaweed bathing and the marine environment, coupled with the proven effectiveness of collagen-boosting VOYA treatments, resonated with spa consultant Tricia-lee Moutett Marhue and provided a meaningful affinity with the Marigot Bay Resort and Marina Spa Village when she was looking for the perfect international partner brand.

In fact, in much the same way as Marigot Bay Resort and Marina prides itself on the personalised service and attention to detail it offers to each and every guest, VOYA ensures the same level of authenticity, respect for the planet and the human connection at each and every stage of its product creation process.

Among the new treatments to be launched at the Spa Village is VOYA’s Self Discovery Radiance Facial—a deeply nourishing and detoxifying skin specific facial adjusted to meet the needs of dry, combination, or oily skin types. Body treatments include a lavender and seaweed sugar glow scrub; organic seaweed leaf wrap; and a unique organic muslin bag massage—a real sensory treat where warm steamed bags of orange, clove, ginger and Fucus Serratus seaweed are gently massaged into the body releasing precious seaweed oils. 

The Spa Village also continues to offer a range of indigenous treatments based on ancient Saint Lucian traditions, the bounty of the surrounding natural environment and the varying energies of the lunar cycle. Yoga, pilates and fitness classes ensure a holistic approach to overall wellness. When can we book a visit?

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