What is Your Bag Made Of?

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How many handbags do you have? Five, ten, twenty, more? We all know that women cannot resist shoes and handbags. And why not? After all you need somewhere to put all that stuff which you carry around like money and keys and make-up and more make-up and all the things that you can never find in a hurry like the credit cards which somehow seem to disappear the moment you are asked to pay in the supermarket checkout. It’s OK for men, they have all those pockets and, anyway, they don’t need to carry make-up around with them. At least, most of them don’t!

And then there are tote bags. How many of those do you have? Totes, of course, carry much more stuff including shopping and yet, they are also larger and sometimes too big and too heavy.

But, think for a moment of what you bags are made of. Are they made of leather? If so an animal has died in order to make your bag and that is becoming more and more unacceptable these days. Or, are they made of plastic or some other synthetic material which will one day be buried in a monstrous landfill perhaps in the Phillipines or some other third world country?

What if you could have a stylish and highly original bag that you could use with pride knowing that it was eco-friendly and recyclable? 

At BO-BORSA we believe that all of our bags should be environmentally friendly and fully recyclable which is why they are all made of Tyvek®.

Tyvek® is an amazing material manufactured by the Dupont Corporation in the United States. It is a material which has many different uses.  

In the UK BO-BORSA is the only company to have designed a range of stylish user-friendly products made from Tyvek®. As well as tote bags, we also supply clutch bags, backpacks, travel bags, iPad cases and even umbrellas.

Tyvek® is incredibly strong and almost impossible to tear. It will last for ages and it is amazingly durable. Tyvek® is also waterproof, washable and will resist almost any oil or grease which can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Tyvek® is ultra-lightweight weighing even less than paper and the most amazing thing about Tyvek® is that it looks and feels just like paper which is so unusual and original. Whether you choose an item that looks as though it is made of brown wrapping paper or newspaper, you can be sure that it will receive loads of admiring glances and comments.

There is nothing else quite like the BO-BORSA range of Tyvek® bags.  A range of products which transcends the fashion seasons and is eco-friendly with style.