Yes Indeed Sassoon Salon Is What You Need

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By- Leila Stocker & Kiri Bloore

As someone who has had highlights done for 15 years, it would be fair to say I’m an old hat when it comes to foils, bleach, hot dryers and haircaps. And as a result of my usual ‘half a head’, whether hair is short or long at the time, I pretty much know what to expect. So when I had the chance to visit celebrated salon Sassoon on Molton Street, just behind London’s fashionable Bond Street, I was certain I knew what was in store. How wrong could I be.

Sassoon Salon is renowned for understated luxury and effortless sophistication with 11 salons in the UK and in iconic cities around the world. For over 50 years, Sassoon has created and maintained a modern method of Hair Design that continues to evolve and inspire clients and students worldwide. The International Creative Team achieves this world-renowned reputation through an unparalleled system of training and effective skills development that has become definitive – the Sassoon name evokes the best in hair.

My visit started with a consultation involving my Colourist and Stylist for the day, delightful team of Neville Zammit and Kim Lomax. Neville, himself having been with Sassoon 12 years, analysed my colour, and quickly assessed how to make my hair style look more expensive overall. By toning down the top layers, which from years of ‘half-head’s and T-Sections had become all too white-looking, by adding some creamier colour under the top layer, Neville planned to make the top section more evenly highlighted. And as the underneath sections of my hair also lacked a splicing of any blonde, Neville decided to add in low lights, to create an all over highlighted effect.

Me in Highlights

To Neville’s colouring wisdom, came Kim’s cutting know-how. Kim spun me around to kindly point out the flaws past stylists had cut into my hair, chopping too many layers from the back to create a point-like effect, resulting in a thinner looking crop. Kim promised to fix this, by evening out the hair, so I could go on growing my locks into a lovely thick mane, with clearly straight level ends. Everything both Kim and Neville immediately rang true, yet I was so surprised I had never had hairdressers spend the time and attention of this team, who gave such honest feedback, that I was touched!

And so highlighting began. With meticulous care, Neville used foil in such an expert way, putting what seemed like a hundred foils all over my head. Chatting away I also discovered Neville’s a dab hand at creative colour – frequently colouring supermodels, so I felt in very good hands. And I also learnt pinks and lavenders are popular streaks this year – who knew? After the foils came off, Neville toned down the colour and added a luxurious treatment.

Next, after being offered a constant stream of teas and coffees, lovely Kim got to work on my cut. Slicing away much of the broken hair from my fringe thickened out the front, Kim ensured the hairstyle look fuller and stronger. Kim the blow-dried my hair wavy and even showed me how to get the look at home with my GHDs. Happy hair day? You bet.

The Team

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